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Traditional close-up equipment for DSLR cameras usually relies on either extension tubes (compact but limited) or on bellow units (versatile, but bulky and ill-suited for field use). The Zörk Mini Makro is compact and strong like an extension tube, yet versatile like an extension bellows. The Mini Makro Mount is a variable length extension tube (26-60 mm) onto which a variety of lenses may be mounted ("short mount," enlarger, large format, standard lenses reversed).
The ideal close-up device
  • Precise: a high quality machined all-metal triple helical mount moves smoothly without backlash. A single turn covers the full extension.
  • Compact and convenient to use: the basic ring weighs barely 2 oz, making it very comfortable for handheld shooting.
  • Highly versatile: fits almost all DSLR, mirrorless, or medium format cameras as well as dedicated video and cinema cameras (we offer C and Arri mounts).
  • Uses short-mount or enlarger lenses: for close-up and macro applications these optics, especially the APO versions, yield excellent image quality because they are optimized for use in this distance range.
  • Easily configured: will accept most enlarger lenses with a 39mm rear thread. With an 80mm lens will focus from infinity to close-up with an 80mm lens.
  • Front adapter rings also accept normal camera lenses, reverse mounted (for optimum close-up image quality). We also offer mounting adapters rings for special purpose macro lens (Luminar, Photar etc.).
  • May be used with additional extension tubes for reproduction of 2:1, 3:1, and greater, as well as with our Macroscope Type I.


The Mini Makro Mount consists of a rigid and precise triple stage helical mount 34 mm of travel. Multicolored scales on the barrel indicate the subjects field and working distances using 50, 80, 105 mm enlarging lenses.


The Mini Makro Mount has a front M 42x1 thread that accepts uses a supplied adapter ring to mount lenses with a standard LTM (Leica Thread Mount) 39 mm thread. This includes many enlarger, large format, and specialty lenses. Zörk
also offers special mounting tubes for some large format lenses and in some cases can supply a custom mounting ring or tube for your lens. You can as well fit lenses with a 42 mm screw mount thread.

Zörk also offers extensions tubes (individual tubes from 5.5 to 100 mm or a set of three tubes).

On the rear of the Mini Makro Mount has a thread that accepts any of our numerous camera mount adapters for DSLR, mirrorless, and medium format cameras (up to 6x7). The Mini can also be purchased as an upgrade for our Tilt Tube, which gives you the equivalent of our Zörk Multi Focus System.


Mini Makro ext.

Mini Makro Mount collapsed to fully extended

Examples of close-up ranges:
  • With a 50 mm enlarging lens (such as an APO Rodagon) the Zörk Mini Makro Mount provide a magnification ratio of about 1:1.6 to about 1.3:1, or up to 3:1 (3x magnification) when used with the appropriate extension tubes.
  • With a 80 mm enlarging lens you can cover from infinity to about 1:2, or up to 1.5x life size magnification with extension tubes (about 75mm extension required for 1.5:1).
  • With a 105 mm enlarging lens you have a more comfortable subject to camera distance and a range of infinity to 1:3, and great magnification is possible with extension tubes.

Mounts adapters available for
Canon, Contax, Fuji X, Leica M, Leica R, Pentax K and M42, Nikon F, Olympus and Panasonic m43 (as well as legacy OM) Sony A and E mounts, as well as medium format cameras such as Contax 645, Hasselblad 500 (large format lens with shutter required) and 2000 series cameras, Mamiya / Phase One cameras, Pentax 645 (and Pentax 67), Rollie 6xxx mount, and RB 67/RZ 67 (special version required).
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