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Schneider PC Super-Angulon - Modified for tilt

Get superb optical performance with this converted Schneider 28/PC Super-Angulon lens. Widely considered among the best of its kind, Zörk modifies the lens for an unprecedented 12mm of tilt.

Note: the modification changes this lens from dedicated shift only to dedicated tilt only. Available in most 35 / digital SLR mounts.

Mamiya 50/4 PC Conversion

This excellent lens, designed originally for Mamiya 645 mount cameras, may be used on other medium format cameras with focal plane shutters, such as Hasselblad 200 / 2000 series, Pentax 67, Pentacon 6 / Kiev, Contax 645, and Pentax 645.

On most cameras, this lens will provide +/- 16mm shift and a 360° lens rotation. On Pentax 67, +/- 10mm of shift is possible, and up to 14mm with only slight corner vignetting.


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